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The hardness of granite is undeniably one of the biggest assets of this type of natural stone. Thanks to its wear resistance, it is the perfect floor material for high traffic areas or the best material for kitchen worktops. Other characteristics of granite are its good resistance to dirt, its plain character and the very fine joints.
Granite shades mostly vary from light grey to black, although other colours are possible as well.


Marble is a hard, compact type of stone that has been used for many centuries in the construction sector. It is often applied as a decorative element in bathrooms or kitchens, where it can be processed in either a modern or a more classical style. Floor finishing is best done with honed tiles.


Onyx is so radical in spirit, so attractive and powerful, that it can only be used in preeminent spaces. Evoking the sands of the desert and its millennial stony fissures, the lovely tints of sand, white, gold and ochre of Onyx marble open the door to manifold aesthetic possibilities within this glorious collection of natural stones. Nebulae, cracked seams, parallel lines and cloudy shapes create a universe that brings the antiquity of planet Earth to mind yet produce a firmly contemporary look.