With more than ten years of experience with this company and other companies, the manager and staff of the First Source company for general trade offers their expertise in supplying the various materials to the specialised companies within the technical specifications required locally for each market.
The company is headquartered in Iraq / Najaf where is the starting point for its operations in various regions of Iraq and extend to Iran, Turkey, Lebanon and the Gulf region. In addition, we always aim to enter new markets.
Our company provides its services to the rest of our companies working in different fields while working with a series of local and international companies to provide the raw materials needed to carry out their projects in addition to supplying materials to leading companies in the sale of building materials and decorations.

Natural Stone: With over ten years of experience, we have been working on supplying various types of natural stone from multiple sources. Throughout this work, we have managed to gain a series of relationships that enable us to provide the required specifications for local markets at excellent prices; through a range of features and facilities that we are proud to offer to all our customers. Therefore, we have been able to win the confidence of local companies and various stone sources. And to enter into some production processes by forming domestic partnerships to ensure the continued flow of products at acceptable prices.

Flooring: The different materials used in floor coverings make it imperative for us to provide more options for our customers who wish to obtain new floors at low cost and suitable for their project demands. We have been able to offer many orders through our exclusive contracts for the distribution of these materials in the Middle East and various origins.

Different decorative materials: The materials used in the construction industry are different and in constant progress and development, and our team is always keeping pace with the continual growth in this field.