All Sources, One Region

The Middle East has all the qualifications to be updated

First Source Co. is a bound between the middle east and the world by supplying the rich raw materials found in this rich region. we are proud that we are part of the companies that gained costumers’ trustworthy in different regions of the world as the Gulf region, West Asia and eastern Europe in the natural stones’ aspect. In addition to other raw materials. Our strong relationship with the local suppliers helps us obtain the best price range and quality production that fits the needs of different markets.

First Source co. focuses on supplying the suitable equipment needed to enhance different local industrial needs for costumes and suppliers. We serve our currently provided business sectors or other sectors needed to contrive long-lasting partnerships with our costumes and suppliers. 

First Source co. guarantees the highest streamflow offering of products with a non-stopping production chain, in order to maintain a stable price range and accurate timings to keep high-quality customer care and professionalism.